Follow Through

Follow through is the process that begins after your prospect sees the business plan. There are many situations you will deal with in the follow through so the key is to be prepared and to remain flexible. 10% of the people you show the plan to will say, “Yes” no matter what you say or do. Another 10% will say, “No” regardless of who shows them the plan. The remaining 80% will sway either way depending on what you do.

At your follow through meeting you’ll want to revisit their dream, determine their level of interest, and answer any questions or objections they may have, build their belief, and get them started in the process of building their business. The ideal result of the follow through process is to have a prospect who:

  • has registered in the business as an IBO
  • has set some goals
  • has a written names list
  • has set up a Ditto Scheduled Order™ that processes on the first of every month (DOT1).
  • is engaged in your team’s training system (attending events, listening, reading, etc.)
  • has meetings (for people on his list to see the plan) scheduled with confirmed attendees.

Some prospects will fly through this list while others will need coaxing every step of the way. Be prepared to meet people at their needs. Your initial follow through meeting should happen within 24 to 48 hours after you show your prospect the plan. That is your window of opportunity when excitement levels are at their peak and possibility is still fresh in her mind. It’s always best to meet face to face, but if that’s impossible connect with her by phone.

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