The second action step is where we invite people to check out the simplest, highest-leverage, most awesome business model on the planet!  It is also frequently referred to as the “contact.”

This is also the step that ramps you up for the main event and has a direct impact on your results in the business so it’s hugely important to develop strong confidence in this area. Be yourself, have fun, and prepare, prepare, prepare.

Imagine the coach of an NFL team handing each rookie a playbook and saying, “Our first game is against the Patriots. Have all these plays mastered and we’ll see you then.” That would prove to be a dismal performance.

Remember the saying – ” Tell me and I will soon forget. Show me and I may remember. Let me try and I will understand. ”

Don’t leave this crucial step to chance. People will often tell you that they already know what to say, especially when they’ve had some experience making calls before.

Don’t take their word for it.

If they’re really that good at making calls, it’ll be apparent in your role- play with them. Our industry has its own nuances that people don’t understand so you need to determine their preparedness or else you’re setting them up to fail.

To prepare for the invite, start by writing out a script that can be easily followed. Here’s an example of a basic script for the invite:

1. Clear the time.

“Am I catching you at a good time?”


2. Purpose of the call.

“I’m working with a friend of mine who’s expanding a business project.”


3. Are you looking?

“He/She is looking for a few key people to work together in a win-win business model.  If the money was right, and it fit into your schedule would you be open to looking at a business idea?”


4. Set an appointment.

“What nights this week do you already have commitments?”


5. Confirm the appointment.

“I’m writing this in my calendar, are you writing it in yours?”

Todd Falcone's Little Black Book of ScriptsFor additional inviting phrases and verbiage, we recommend Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book of Scripts. Todd is a highly respected trainer in the industry and is constantly working in the field to perfect what he preaches.

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