Inviting Phrases

POSTURE is everything when it comes to inviting someone to view a presentation (online or a home meeting). You want to illicit a response from your prospects who them proactively want to see what you’ve got.

Speaking in terms of the prospects’ benefits is the quickest way to get their attention; however, do NOT beg or say anything that puts you in a position that appears to be begging.  It’s ineffective and frustrating to yourself.

Below are a few proven phrases that will help you get your prospects to take action. These are still considered “passive” invitation phrases, but after you start taking action, gaining more experience and building a brand you’ll have people COME TO YOU instead (learn about this in the attraction marketing section) of you going after them.

In the meantime, study the following phrases and practice –

1.  “Do you ever consider other ways of creating income?”

2.  “If I knew a way you could (achieve a specific dream / benefit of a product), would you want to hear about it?”

3.  “How would you like to participate in a business project that pays you royalty income like celebrities?”

4.  “Do you ever look at business ideas?”

5.  “Did you know that there are hundreds of companies that will pay you to buy their products?”

6.  “This could be a long shot, but a friend of mine is looking to fill a few spots on a business team and I thought of you.”

7.  “I have an expert in affiliate network marketing coming to my home to cover all the details.”

8.  “I can’t promise you anything.”

9.  “A friend of mine is expanding a business and I promised him I’d keep my eyes open.”

10.  “You can apply to become a partner on our business team.”

11.  “I’d love to give you a shot at it.”

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