Complete Campaign Process

Complete Campaign – Start to Finish Part I

Since we are building a business and not just a downline, we are free to promote anything and everything that pays a commission.

So in this example I have decided to promote one of the new affiliate programs found in the MLSP back office – – which pays a monthly residual income.

Once we have the “product” or “offer” in mind, the next step is to keyword research to discover the EXACT words and phrases our target market is using when searching for this product or service.

Following our “leverage the authority sites” model, we find a great keyword getting 720 exact match searches per month ranking #9 on the front page of Google from – so we write a new article optimized for this keyword and submit it to the same authority site, in this case,

We also publish another “spun” copy on either our MLSP domain under articles and/or our blog.

Both copies of this ORIGINAL content will link directly to whatever it is we are promoting.

Once approved and published on the authority site, we note our new URLS for purposes of promoting for backlinks.

Leverage Authority Site Model Notes

  1. Pick Product/Offer to Promote
  2. Determine Target Market for Product/Offer
  3. Keyword Research to Find Specific Keywords Used
  4. Market Samurai/Rank Tracker to Find Keywords Ranking from Authority Sites
  5. Create Content & Publish to Same Authority Site
  6. Make Unique Copy & Publish to Another Web Property
  7. Link to Product/Service You Are Promoting
  8. Note BOTH New URLs for Backlink Promotion

Team Share Resource

Here is a copy of the “file” system Rob used with spreadsheet to keep track of things. This would be my completed file for this project.

Feel free to use this as an example, but Do Not Copy the Campaign

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