Basic Tool Set Up Notes

Note: I am personally using all of the these tools – sometimes multiple copies/installs/accounts to produce the massive search engine ranking results we have achieved. You will see, as you start getting results, why multiple accounts may be a good idea. For now, focus on quickly getting some results and then move on.

Effectively promoting ANYTHING online requires nothing more than the

1) publishing of unique, QUALITY, keyword-targeted, optimally formatted content and

2) getting lots and lots of backlinks to get your content to rank on the first page of Google.

The primary goal of “Internet marketing” via SEO is to get more/better back links than the competition. Plain and simple.

Get more/better links and your content will rank higher… which translates into YOU getting more traffic, leads and results.

So if you are serious about competing online – DO NOT bring a knife to a gun fight.

Tool up. Invest in yourself and your business.

[features_box_yellow width=”75%” + border=”2px”]There are many tools of the trade, and every single one is important… but if you want to start slow and move up gradually, we recommend you get the following

All In One SEO Pack (Free) – On page optimization (if you have at least one WordPress blog) AND

SEO Pressor ($47, 1-time) – On page optimization (if you have at least one WordPress blog) AND

IFTTT (Free) – Quick indexing and social media links AND

Article Marketing Robot ($97, 1-time) – Submits to many 1000’s of article directories for quality backlinks AND

Automatic Backlink Creator ($47/month) – 2,000 anchor text links + 36,000 private blog links (if you have at least one WordPress blog) AND/OR

Backlink Banzai ($67/month) – 1,000 content link submissions, and then 2,000-link 2nd tier link wheels to the top 100 links AND

Synnd ($67/month) – Automated social media promotions by 1,000’s REAL users from around the world using their computers (not from a few centralized server). THIS is becoming increasingly critical to have as Google is putting a lot of emphasis on social signals these days. OR

Socialadr ($17-$61/month) – Like Synnd but with fewer promotional methods. Still a very good option.


Free Email Services


Set up a FREE email account for promotional/marketing purposes so that you don’t clog up your main/personal email account. This will save you a lot f headaches and distractions down the road.  If you go to Fiverr and look for a $5 gig that sets up all your or Onlywire accounts you usually get a Gmail account fully set up for you as well. Rating = Good Idea


This is an amazing place to get quick, time-saving gigs done for you for just $5 per gig. Yes… 5 BUCKS! Some of the gigs are down right amazing when it comes to SEO tasks. We’ll go more into that later. Rating = VERY Good Idea

Keyword Research

Market Samurai

Default Keyword Tool of choice. While you can do most keyword research manually, this program can get more done faster… Rating = VERY Good Idea

Indexing (Getting your links and web pages found by search engines, automatically)


This is a free program to automatically get 40+ social media backlinks within seconds. Expect to spend 1 hour or more setting up all the accounts. Use a free or other free email service to set up the accounts. Spend some time to add a profile picture and short “bio” page on each social media account. You will be using this free account over the course of your entire internet marketing career. Later you may even want to set up multiple IFTTT accounts because it is that powerful. If you want to save time, buy a Fiverr gig such as this one (or just search for “IFTTT” on for just $5 to have all the accounts, including Gmail, set up and connected to IFTTT for you.  When all is said and done, you’ll probably feel that it’s the best $5 you ever spent like I did 😉

Rating = Critical

This service allows you to ping up to 2,500 links per day free. This does not generate backlinks but, rather, helps the search engines find backlinks generated by the other automation programs so they get indexed and counted faster. We’ll discuss how to use this program later. For now simply go set up your free account. I personally use a basic paid account (Just $14.95/month) that allows for more links per day and better indexing rate. Rating = Super Critical

On-Page Optimization

SEO Pressor

This is a MUST-GET on page optimization tool.  It’s packaged as a WordPress plugin.

I sometimes get page 1 rankings on Google with this tool alone without any backlinks!  It is that powerful.  It quickly and easily walks you through a checklist of optimal page content formatting guidelines.  The single-site license is $47 and the unlimited site license is $97.  I recommend you get the latter as you’re likely to have multiple WordPress sites down the road.   Rating = Super Critical

All-In-One SEO Pack

Free and still one of the best on-page optimization tool out there.

This is a MUST-GET on page optimization tool, and just like SEO Pressor it is also packaged as a WordPress plugin.

Rating = Super Critical

Back Links, Back Links, Back Links!

Sign up free to submit your spun articles to 30 quality blogs each. This avoids “duplicate content” penalties and you can add two “anchor text” links per article. You can submit unlimited articles free. Upgrade options increase the number of blogs your articles will be submitted to from 30 (free) to 50, plus you get 5x the amount of backlinks from tag pages. Another benefit to this service is they have a nice “outsourcing” service that writes, spins, distributes and pings keyword rich articles to get HUNDREDS of backlinks. Later we will discuss the benefits of outsourcing. In a nutshell, if you can afford to pay others to do the work… do it. Rating = Super Critical

Article Marketing Robot

Submits spun content to up to 5,000 article directories and blogs. $97 one time purchase. Has built in manual spinner. Rating = Super Critical

Automatic Backlink Creator

This is a $47 per month subscription. It is installed as a wordpress blog plugin and allows you to automatically distribute up to 2,000 anchor-text links (no content needed) to hundreds, even thousands of blogs world wide. In addition, you get up to 36,000 backlinks from ABC’s private blog network.You also get a RSS submitter to hundreds of RSS directories that bring you a ton more backlinks from your RSS feed. Comes complete with a URL indexer as well to index every page and post on your site. If you have a blog to install this program on, this is one of the most powerful… yet easy to use automatic backlinking tools available. Rating = Super Duper Critical

Backlink Banzai

For just $67 a month, you buy yourself an amazing AUTOMATED service. You get

#1 – 1,000 content link submissions, going to up to 20 URLs (web pages).

#2 – 1,000 comment & 1,000 profile links automatically built for you each & every month, pointing at the top 100 content links from #1 to form a 2nd tier ‘link-wheel’ powered-up SEO structure.

Simply enter your URL and keywords, click your mouse to save them and you are done!

Rating = Super Critical

Drip Feed Links

For $25, you get 500 links/day… That’s 15,000 links a month! Sounds like a good deal… but what kind of links? These are profile/blog comment links. These are the lower quality links that come in large quantity, not quality. The best use of these links are to your first tier pages that link to your main/money page.  First tier pages are basically articles you submit from Article Marketing Robot and post on top web 2.0 sites such as Squidoo, HugPages and Ezinearticles.

Rating = Good Idea but use with caution

Social Signals


1st sign up to get Synnd Lite… and then take the One-Time-Offer upgrade to PRO account to start massively promote your content immediately. The PRO account is $97 normally, but if you take the 1-time offer you save $30/month instantly and pay only $67/month.

Synnd is a community of members who AUTOMATICALLY promote each other’s content via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Diig, Reddit, Stumbleupon and more.  After you install the Remote Automator (RA) the tasks will begin to run automatically in the background. You will get lots of backlinks through social bookmarking, not to mention the potential of huge “direct traffic” spikes due to your content actually being shared and recommended by 100’s of REAL people to their networks. You get to use any and all of the following social promotions –

1)Social Bookmarking,

2)Social News,

3) Tweeting,

4)Facebook Share and

5) Blog Commenting

When you share your content… over 5,000 REAL Synnd members will have the chance to see and read your content, and spreading the content to 100’s of 1000’s more via their social media presence. Where else can you get this much INSTANT EXPOSURE, backlinks and social media votes?

Rating = Super Duper Critical


1st sign up to get the Socialadr FREE account, and then pick up the ONE-TIME offer for upgrades ($17, $47 $40, or $72 $61). The $40 option is best bargain for beginners. I recommend the $61 option (Lazy Link Addict).

Like Synnd, SocialADR is a also community of members whose accounts promote each other’s content via social bookmarking sites such as LinkAGoGo, Twitter, Faves, Jumptags, Stumbleupon and more.

However, there are several differences between Synnd and SocialADR… the BIGGEST being that Synnd uses the “Remote Automator” which is installed on each user’s computer to process the promotional tasks whereas SocialADR does this from its servers.  This makes a HUGE difference in how the social media sites AND Gooogle perceives the value of the links and social signals.  Synnd also brings more traffic to your web pages as there are real members that review your content and comment on your blog posts (one of the promotional options).

That being said, SocialADR is still a fantastic social media promotional tool!

Rating = Super Duper Critical

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