Additional Quality Backlink Tools

Here is a list of quality backlink tools you can use to additional high-quality backlinks.

Please note that I have NOT used all of the tools just yet.

This is a partial list recommended on this page

Why do I recommend the list if I haven’t used them all myself?

It’s because the guys over at SEOMoz and Distilled are at the top of the SEO profession serving billion dollar corporations as their clients.

These are professional strength tools that an average person can afford (lot of FREE tools) and use.

Yes, you’re welcome 😉

Link Diagnosis [Free]

Link Diagnosis

Depending on how you’re looking to slice and dice a link profile, linkdiagnosis gives you another view over the data.

My Blog Guest [Free]

My Blog Guest

Depending on the level of client and content available, we take a variety of approaches to finding guest post targets. My Blog Guest has a genuine community element to it and is definitely worth a look.

Blogger Link Up [Free]

Blogger Link Up

Similar to My Blog Guest is another source for guest posts and guest post targets.

Followerwonk [Paid & Free Versions]


Mmmmm. Followerwonk. You’ve no doubt heard about it from all kinds of sources, but if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should do that right now.

We Follow [Free]

We Follow

WeFollow is a directory of Twitter users organized by interest. It’s probably not rocket science to work out how to use that…

Seeded Buzz [Paid & Free Versions]

Seeded Buzz

Seeded Buzz allows you to promote your content to relevant bloggers.


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