Hosting Videos for Pre-sell

Important Youtube Notes:

Creating a channel is free and you absolutely want to do that.

Later we will take a closer look how to host and promote videos via your free youtube channel as another way of RANKING content on the search engines.

However, you DO NOT want to embed youtube hosted videos on your own web site pages or blog pages unless absolutely necessary BECAUSE of the related video that appear after the video finished playing. This will distract potential prospects and many of them will “click away” from your site or page and you’ll lose that lead (and a potential sale) forever. It is not worth it. In fact, this is one time when free can cost you a small fortune.

Important MLSP Video Hosting Notes:

[features_box_light_blue width=”75%” + border=”1px”]NOTE: It used to be that you must sign up as a Platinum member to enjoy video hosting with MLSP. As of now, ALL members have video hosting available! So you’re good to go!![/features_box_light_blue]

As a Gold mlsp member you can host videos and audio file and control what happens after the video finishes playing. You can:

  • redirect the visitor to a new page
  • display your opt-in form immediately
  • display a button or any other html code

This is an extremely powerful feature of MLSP and it greatly responsible for a lot of my “3x average” results.

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