Creating a Video Review Page

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Your New MLSP Video Review Page

We will now work on setting up your first PRE-SELL page –  an MLSP  ”testimonial review” what will offer visitors a lot of social proof. This will dramatically increase sales conversions.

We will also feature a video on this page to help catch the visitor’s attention and keep them engaged.

Once set up, if promoted properly, this new “MLSP Review” can rank well on the search engines to generated new traffic. So it can serve as a wonderful LEAD GENERATION page.

But more important…

This will be the page you can direct ALL LEADS back into – because the key to enjoying up to 3 times the number of sales for the same amount of leads is to drive ALL LEADS back into your pre-sell funnels.
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Quick Notes

  • The less clicks needed, the better the results
  • It is illegal to make up testimonials. All testimonials used must be on file somewhere
  • Expect TRIPLE the number of leads by placing an opt-in after the video plays
  • Youtube offers free hosting but you will lose prospects (and sales) 


4 Responses to Creating a Video Review Page

  1. Dave says:

    Jerry and Rob,
    This is my MLSP domain hosting I paid for.

    For over a year I have been using Get Response.
    I loaded the emails in it from MLSP, but the opt in i
    s giving me an oops… I checked with MLSP, they
    said it’s get response problem.

    It seems you and Rob like Aweber, so I am going
    to sign up for Aweber instead, and use this auto
    responder for
    Is this necessary guys, or should I stay with
    Get Response?

    So, I do have my MLSP domain, and an email auto
    responder, so please send the team share pre-sell
    info, to get this on it’s way. Yet, as we all know,
    I need to create my own video. I will get it together
    very soon.

    I know the horse shouldn’t be before the cart, but
    hey guys, I’m biting my nails waiting for the next
    video instructions. I need to learn patience:) Yes,
    I’m working on it. Ha Ha!

    I have anxiety really bad right now because I can feel
    and visualize the success with this incredible opportunity
    (info) you are sharing with our team.

    Keep it coming…


    • Jerry Chen says:

      Hey Dave – YOU are absolutely a willing student, and success is within your reach… I can see it! As far as autoresponder goes, it’s really up to you. If MLSP told you Get Response is the bottleneck, then switch over to Aweber (… It’ll most likely make the process easier. Further instructions are coming soon, Dave!

      • Modesto Sandoval says:

        hey jerry thats great info. i have the mlsp set up and also have the aweber account which is great . but my question is how do i registeron google and someother search engines so that my page gets out there ranking among the first..

        • Jerry Chen says:

          Hey Modesto – We’ll get into specifics on how to rank high for keywords so your pages are found on search engine results. The ONE thing you MUST do right now is get the dedicated domain hosting by MLSP. It’s a $50 1-time upgrade that will allow search engines to index your site and pages so people can find you. This is critical and we’ve stressed that multiple times (and will continue to mention it through out the series.

          To do this just log in to MLSP, and then go to Account > Domain Hosting and follow the instructions there.


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