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***** SEO Co-op Details *****

5 Step Proven Never-fail FormulaTo be clear, this co-op takes care of STEP #5 in the formula… Promote content to rank on search engines. The promotional steps are outline on this page (click this link).

This is a big undertaking on my end as I need to manage it AND this is not a profit center for me… so be a winner and by you participating in the co-op you are agreeing to the following

1) You already committed yourself to the Elite 15 which is until the end of 2013. I only deal with WINNERS so I expect you to stick with the co-op and paying the monthly fee for your share until at least the end of the year (December of 2013).

2) This is for YOU and YOU ONLY. It’s not for your teammates or outside clients. If this condition is violated you will be kicked out of the group.

Threats of bodily harm and legal actions are not my favorite terms of this “gentlemen’s agreement” ūüėČ

Here are the benefits of doing this co-op:

1) You focus on what the most important tasks… Keyword research, creating content and converting traffic into leads, sales and team members/downlines.

2) You save time so you get more free time to do whatever you want.

The co-op pays for my assistant doing the majority of the promotional work via the 3 services listed below for you.

3) You save money so you can use the money somewhere else.

¬†You get MORE links per dollar because we’re doing a group purchase for the following 3 SEO services:

Service #1 Link Emperor, you get 400% more keywords and 60% more links.

Service #2 Social ADR, you get 20% more social media promo credits.

Service #3 ABC3K, you 25% more links.

This means you pay less money for link-building services that you see in the training, but my SEO assistant will go through the process of typing, copying and pasting and managing these accounts for you.

To make this happen I’m dividing up the co-op into 10 shares. Each business can buy AT MOST 2 shares.

Each share will be $250 which includes paying for the SEO assistant plus all link building services from Link Emperor, SocialADR and Automatic Backlink Creator 3000 (ABC3K). If you were to do this on your own the cost would be around $400 a month at the very least.


Select how many shares you want to buy

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