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Richard Burks – Paramedic

I am very excited about the life Program. I have gotten tired of the day to day-Nothing changing, nothing gained. When I was introduced to Life, I saw a new life. I saw the path that could lead me to a new light at the end of my tunnel, just follow a path already laid out for me. People sometimes don’t see that light because life has covered their eyes with business and repetitiveness . This program called Life will lift that cover from your eyes. It has in mine….

Start living the LIFE you’ve always wanted – now!

Jackie & Marv Gray – RN and Simulator Instructor

Fortunately for us we had a son that believed in us and did not think we were too old to make a change in our lives. He encouraged us until we listened to a CD From Italy to Holland. After that we went to a seminar and there has been no looking back. What a difference LIFE is making in our lives. Our marriage is better, we have a defined purpose, we are back attending church and look forward more to what each day brings. We are part of an exciting community and am so glad he did not give up on us.

Start living the LIFE you’ve always wanted – now!

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