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Richard Burks – Paramedic

I am very excited about the life Program. I have gotten tired of the day to day-Nothing changing, nothing gained. When I was introduced to Life, I saw a new life. I saw the path that could lead me to a new light at the end of my tunnel, just follow a path already laid out for me. People sometimes don’t see that light because life has covered their eyes with business and repetitiveness . This program called Life will lift that cover from your eyes. It has in mine….

Start living the LIFE you’ve always wanted – now!

Jackie & Marv Gray – RN and Simulator Instructor

Fortunately for us we had a son that believed in us and did not think we were too old to make a change in our lives. He encouraged us until we listened to a CD From Italy to Holland. After that we went to a seminar and there has been no looking back. What a difference LIFE is making in our lives. Our marriage is better, we have a defined purpose, we are back attending church and look forward more to what each day brings. We are part of an exciting community and am so glad he did not give up on us.

Start living the LIFE you’ve always wanted – now!

David & Rachel Garza – Sales / Dietitian

We have now paid off over $35,000 in debt, have a growing savings account, and are completely debt free. When we had debt and other financial obligations, we were held back from pursuing our true calling to the missions field, which we are now able to pursue. Thank you LIFE, for you have truly changed our lives.

Start living the LIFE you’ve always wanted – now!

Charles & Manon McIntyre – Regional Manager

When I first got introduced to the LIFE products, I was 27 years old, recently married, expecting our first child, starting a new high profile corporate executive job and just moved into a large new home. Although we knew about the LIFE material, we didn’t learn or apply the information to our lives right away. From the outside looking in we were doing pretty good…and we believed it! A few years go by and things aren’t as rosy anymore. I’m working long hours at my job which is taking me away from my wife and kids, bills start to pile up, my health is taking a beating from the long hours and stress at work and needless to say my marital relationship isn’t going well. It seemed like the harder we worked the less time and money we had. We were stuck in a rat race looking for answers! That’s when through the example of our friends and now mentors Denis & Lisa Leger, Joce & Cynthia Dionne and Claude & Lana Hamilton we saw firsthand the results LIFE materials could bring into one’s life when properly applied. Their encouragement, leadership and sharing of LIFE products such as the Finance pack, the Marriage pack, the Parenting pack and the AGO series of books and CD’s helped us out tremendously. Today, we have four beautiful kids, great relationships with friends and family, and a fulfilling marriage. We are also gaining better knowledge and improving in the areas of faith, finance and fitness. LIFE has been a turning point in our lives and we encourage everyone to learn from its material and apply it to their lives as well!

Start living the LIFE you’ve always wanted – now!

Lynnette Rumsey – Automotive production

Since I have been on the LIFE subscription, I have learned so many principles that have changed my life in my relationships and my job. It has made my attitude toward my job better and my relationships at work and at home have gotten so much better! People have seen the change in me and the success principles are helping me as well! All around, this is the best learning environment and association I have ever been a part of!! God Bless!

Start living the LIFE you’ve always wanted – now!

Luis & Mayra Ybanez – Insurance Agent / Housewife

I was always looking for an opportunity to better my life, and the lives of my wife and our 2 most beautiful children. When I met Cody Newton (an up and coming GREAT LEADER), he asked me what I most needed in my life, I was stunned because nobody had cared enough to ask that question much less offer help in getting to where I wanted to be. The Life Business has given me that, and much more. Knowing that there is a wealth of information that can give me and others a new or much needed direction in life is amazing…

Start living the LIFE you’ve always wanted – now!

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