Welcome To The Leadership Training Dashboard…

Better People Build Better Businesses!

And as we become better leaders ourselves, we MUST help provide an environment for those around us to be better as well.

One of the most widely recognized way to lead a team is “leading by example.”

It’s been said that in our industry our teammates duplicate 1/2 of the things we do right, but 2x the things we do wrong!

Now THAT speaks volumes about why we should do our best to always lead by being a good, if not great example.

Following the steps in the marketing training section and generating leads and sales is one way of leading by example.

However, the “inner game” of marketing and winning comes from within, and it’s most definitely a life-long pursuit to become a master of the self.

In this part of HOLT, we’ll focus on helping you and I become better people by elevating the ethical and integrity standards we place on ourselves as well as continually pushing ourselves to expand our comfort zone.

Rock on, my brothers and sister…!

Jerry Chen

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