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Since 2007, I’ve personally built TWO six-figure businesses through online marketing.

And since 1997, my business partner Rob Fore and his wife Lisa have built FIVE six-figure, even multiple six-figure businesses online. Though we didn’t start working together recently, we both followed a very simple model in each case:

  • Have & Know The Product, Service Or Opportunity You Are Selling
  • Research WHAT KEYWORDS People Search For When Shopping For The Type of Product, Service or Business Opportunity Online
  • Create Content for These Keywords
  • Publish Content, Make An Offer and Build a List
  • Promote Content to Rank On Major Search Engines

Done correctly, this “content profit system” works well because it creates an evergreen source of fresh traffic, leads and sales that continues to grow as you add and promote new keyword-rich content.

The KEY is to publish and promote new content consistently.

The goal is to get your content to rank on the front page of the major search engines. This requires GETTING BACKLINKS to your content. Lots and lots of links. Nothing more. Nothing less.

So once you publish, you MUST promote the content to rank.

Visit our private team training site here for instructions how to make this magic happen and be prepared to invest in as many tools as you can. Because he who gets the MOST backlinks (quality + quantity) ranks highest on the search engines.

Note: This site was set up for our MLSP team originally. So when we refer to “MLSP” simply hear whatever it is you are promoting. Because the “how to” effectively promote online is exactly the same regardless of what you are promoting.

This not a get rich quick model. Paid advertising is better suited for that.

This is a “get rich slow, but sure” model. It takes time. It takes work. But it has never failed to produce an incredible result for those who get in, get busy and stick with it.

The challenge is many of us have full-time lives and it takes time to research and write a good article, publish it and promote it. So these monthly article packages are designed to give you and your team the incredible advantage of significantly reducing the time it takes to publish great content down to mere minutes – so YOU CAN FOCUS ON PROMOTION.

But even with that said, you will also want to do your own keyword research and produce your own articles. Because the more content you publish and promote… the more money you’ll make faster.


PS – If you have not joined our Empower Network team yet… why not? It is only $25 to get started and because the program pays 100% commissions – one sale and you break even.

We were able to rake in over $5,000 in five days. Can you imagine?

Watch the video here and I’m confident the incredible money making advantage you are about to discover by being a part of our team will absolutely blow you away – because making money has NEVER been easier that this. Ever.

You can learn more here, and JOIN HERE now.

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The goal is to get your content to rank on the front page of the major search engines. This requires GETTING BACKLINKS to your content. Lots and lots of links. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Getting your content to rank high on the search engines REQUIRES getting more backlinks (other web sites linking from their site to your content page) than the competition.

You will learn EXACTLY how I make this happen in our team training site. But if you already know the art and science of promoting your content to rank for search, here is a list of the tools I use to get 85% of the content I publish to rank on the front page of Google.

I personally use ALL of these tools. Because once your content is published… you MUST promote the content to rank.

The more you tool up, the better your results will be because the person who get the most backlinks to their content wins the high rankings. That is how the internet works.

If you don’t get backlinks… you won’t rank. Which means no traffic, no leads and no sales.

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