Are You a One, Two or Three?

We need to lead by asking, “So where do you see yourself with this business?” or “What did you like best about what we’ve discussed?” One common approach is to tell people that most everyone who sees this business plan finds themselves in one of three categories:

Are You a One, Two or Three? _ 11. This looks great. I may have a couple of questions, but I’m ready to start making money right away.

2. I’m definitely interested, but I’d like to get some more formation and meet the team before I start making money.

3. I’m not interested in making money, but I would be interested in trying some exclusive products and enjoying the convenience of home delivery.

Set the right expectancy by highlighting #1. If you say, “Whether you’re a 1, or a 2, we’re telling everyone to get registered right away so you can reserve your spot on the team.  We’ll set you up with some information to take home with you, schedule a time to get back together go answer any questions you may have, and help you get started before you miss out on any of the growth we’ve been experiencing.  If you’re a 3, we’ll get you registered as a customer tonight and send you home with some products you can try. What’s the result in this scenario? Everyone is expected to register as either an IBO or a customer NOW.

Often times we run into questions and objections about the business at the close of the plan, which we’ll cover in the next chapter. For now, let’s assume that your prospects say that they are interested in getting started and getting more information. ALWAYS, always have first night materials available to leave with your prospects when you show the plan. In addition to first night materials, make sure to promote your team’s upcoming events like hotel opens and training events where they can meet the team, see the bigger picture, and begin learning about the business. Have tickets on hand so they can purchase them and make their commitment to attend right away.

Prospects in this business are notorious for flip-flopping in their commitments like a fish out of water until they either listen to some audios, see tangible results, and/or attend a major event so have materials and tickets on hand and learn to promote them well.

Are You a One, Two or Three? _ 2One diamond in the business kept a notebook and every time he listened to a CD, he would write down the name of the CD, who the speaker was and the gist of what that CD talked about. He would write things like, “Negative spouse” or “Didn’t have time” so that he would know exactly which CD to hand people. He created a personal library of materials to make sure he’d be prepared to do business out of the trunk of his car.

Only send your materials home with people who you have a follow through meeting booked with or you will lose them. Make your prospect aware of the value of your materials by saying, “I’ll need to get these materials back in a couple of days. How soon do you think you’ll be able to get through them?” If she replies, “Well, I don’t want to keep them if you need them. I’ll just borrow them from you another time.” Then that’s an indication that learning more about the business is not a priority for her at this time.

Don’t insist and say, “Well here, take them and I’ll get them from you in a couple of days.” You might as well tell her you’re desperate for anyone to get in your business and you’re hoping she’s it. If she won’t book a follow through, she won’t commit to attending an event, and she isn’t interested in learning more, its game over. Ask for a referral or check back with her in a few months because you won’t be able to work with someone like that.

Save your materials for people who value them who are interested in learning more. Have every prospect that you show the plan to fill out some sort of information card so you have their name, address, home phone, cell phone, and e-mail address. Ask them when is the best time to reach them and at which phone number.  And remember to always, always, ALWAYS book a meeting from a meeting. Just like taking an international trip with multiple layovers, when you miss one connection, the whole thing falls apart. Excitement dwindles, life happens, priorities shift, and your prospect will fall through the cracks. The business may be important to them, but it’s competing with what’s urgent in their life, so make it a priority and set up your next meeting with them before you leave.

It’s a good idea to invite your prospect to a hotel meeting, but you also want to have a separate time scheduled with them incase they don’t show up. When you do invite people to a hotel meeting offer

to pick them up at their home. Being in the car together  will give you some valuable talk time and will also prevent them from changing their mind about attending the meeting after a long day at work.

Once your prospects get registered in the business you must lead them through the process of getting started. Just because someone signs a registration form and says he wants to build the business doesn’t mean it’s time for you to go home, sit back on the couch, and count your bankroll. You’ve only just begun the process and now is when the real work in your business begins. Help him make a names list, role-play, make phone calls, show plans, go over products and Ditto Scheduled Orders™.

Sound like real work? Absolutely. But it is work that will continue to pay you for life. Years later as you’re living your dreams, when the work you invested is but a distant memory, you’ll still be getting checks in the mail rewarding you for the disciplined actions you took today.One, Two or Three _ 3 Is it worth it? That’s for you to decide.

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