A Few Pointers

Showing the business plan is what ignites the engine of our business. A Few Pointers _ 1It’s where we get the business in front of fresh eyes and possibility comes to life. To kick start your business as a new IBO, your support team may suggest having a home meeting where you invite several people to your home to see the business plan. In most cases, someone on your support team will be there to explain the business plan on your behalf.

Here are a few pointers to make the most of your home meetings:

Dress for success. Men, wear a coat and tie; women, wear a business dress or a skirted suit. This informs your prospects that you mean business.

Room set up. Set up chairs only as needed to avoid a room full of empty chairs. The presentation should be opposite the door to avoid interruption in case of any latecomers. Keep the room cooler than warmer so everyone is alert.

Get rid of distractions. Turn off the ringer on your home phone and ask your guests to turn off their cell phones.  Have children and pets in a separate room with a sitter so that they do not interrupt the meeting.

Cater to the speaker. Save a parking spot for the speaker and assist him with any materials he may have when he arrives. How your prospects see you treat the speaker has an impact on whether they think he is worth listening to.

Keep your refreshments simple. If you serve fancy hors d’oeuvres people may think they will have to do the same to build the business. Instead, serve refreshments from your business to keep it simple. These products will also generate future volume as people are going to want to order what they sample at the meeting.

Introduction. To begin your meeting, share your excitement and your commitment to this business. Let people know that this isn’t something you’re just thinking about; you’re focused, you’re committed, and this is your ticket to achieve your dreams. When you introduce your speaker gives him credibility and put your stamp of approval on him so he doesn’t have to spend his time selling himself instead of the plan. Don’t thank your friends for coming over – instead, during your introduction, thank your speaker for coming to your home and sharing the opportunity.

Focus on the plan. Don’t run around taking care of refreshments or anything else during the meeting. Be excited, engaged, and involved in what the speaker is discussing.

Take ownership of your business as soon as possible and start showing the plan yourself. There’s no need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself to get it absolutely perfect. In fact, if your plan is any good at all the first time you show it, you’ve waited too long! There’s an old saying in the business that you can never show the wrong plan to the right person. In other words, it doesn’t matter how bad you mess up the plan when you’re showing it to someone who is teachable and motivated. So long as you convey opportunity, the right person will find their way to the information they need.

All you need to show the plan is excitement, belief, a few key points, either memorized or outlined on a brochure, and of course an audience. New IBOs typically focus on their own performance when they start to show the plan. They think of things like getting their facts and figures straight and sounding smart and successful. While we certainly do want to be informed about a business plan we’re discussing, we don’t want that to be the focus. The focus is what the plan can do for your prospects.

A little practice will help you grow familiar enough with the information so you can shift your focus from yourself to understanding and helping others. As mentioned earlier, confidence comes from knowing who you are, where you’re going, and disciplined action. If you are undisciplined and show only one plan a month, your prospect’s decision not to get involved with you is a pretty big blow to business. But if you have multiple plans lined up for the month you’re thinking, “NEXT!”

To learn how to show the plan take notes while watching others explain the business at hotel and home meetings. Study an audio of someone showing the plan and start practicing on a friend, a spouse, a family member, or even a family pet. If you don’t have a pet, try a stuffed animal–they smile constantly and never fall asleep!

The first time you show the plan to a key prospect on your list, ask your coach to accompany you. Together you can work as a tag-team. You introduce him as the expert. “This is John, my senior associate, he’s extremely successful and I’m really excited for you that he was able to carve some time out of his busy schedule to be here.” Then he tells them how successful you’re going to be and why they should listen to what you’re going to go over with them. A Few Pointers _ 2You show the plan and John wraps it up. If you stumble or forget things during your plan, John is there to smooth things over.

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