Taking Advice

Before taking someone’s advice ask yourself these three questions:

  1. “Do I want to live like they do?” Their thinking got them to where they are, so it makes good sense that their thinking will get you to where they are as well. By taking their advice you will probably live very similar to how they are living.
  2. “What are they offering me?” That is, even if your odds of success are small they are greater odds than zero. If they are not offering you any other way to achieve success, then an opportunity with proven, successful results is better than no opportunity at all.
  3. “Why do I believe?” To stand your ground when you encounter someone who is critical, know why you believe. The more knowledge you have, and the clearer your vision for where you’re headed,  the less easily you can be influenced.

Take the information in this book, apply it, and never surrender your dream to anyone. You can do it!Taking Advice_1

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