Start The Process

So far we’ve discussed the process of making a names list, inviting, showing the plan, and following through. You’ve performed these steps yourself. Now it’s time to walk your new IBOs through these same steps.

Start The Process_1Just like the plan, we want to keep things simple. If there’s any confusion or hesitation on your part, doubt will set in. And when there’s doubt all activity ceases, so keep it basic.  All we are trying to teach people to do is learn a process of five simple steps (names list, invite, show the plan, follow through, repeat the process) that, when repeated enough times, they can turn around and teach someone else how to do the same. It’s that simple.

When getting your prospects started, imagine that they only have 30 days left to live. In other words, make something happen before grass starts growing under their feet. People need to see results quickly before their belief is affected so set the expectation for action upfront.

Whether it’s making a names list, setting up a Ditto Scheduled Order™, or anything else that needs to happen in order for them to succeed, be upfront about it. If people are hesitant about taking action, let them know that their business will not grow without people and product. Say, “I’d love to tell you to wait until you’re completely comfortable with the business before you order product and talk to people, but let’s be honest here – if in a couple of month’s time, you don’t see results in your business, you’re going to quit and say that the business doesn’t work. And I’m not interested in setting people up to fail – it’s my responsibility to help you win. If you’re not ready to get started right now that’s okay. I’d be happy to take care of you as a customer.  But if you are ready, let’s do this right and start putting some money in your pocket.”

Why waste time registering someone who is going to do zero volume or who is unwilling to make a names list? Every time you and your team see that name pop up on the Line of Sponsorship with a big fat zero next to it, it’s going to work against you.Don’t try to persuade your prospects by making it seem easier for them. Instead, set greater expectations for joining your team. There is nothing more motivating to a new IBO than to see the business actually work, and that will happen when you get people started right. Her first bonus check, her first new IBO, her first time crossing stage; these are what mStart The Process_2ake it easier for IBOs to build their business.


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