Revisit Their Dream

At your meeting be awake, alert, and excited because you’re helping someone start a business. You’re bringing an atmosphere that’s fun, hopeful, and full of possibility with you. Start by taking a few minutes to rekindle the friendship and the dream. You can say something like, “You know that boat you were talking about the other night? Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to have to help you get it so I can borrow it.”

We don’t use people to build our business; we use our business to build people.  And you can’t build people or help them move forward in this business without understanding what’s important to them. If you have to write down notes after each plan you show to remember what’s important to each person – dreams and goals, names of family members, etc. – then do it.

Everything in this business hinges on relationships so work on being someone people enjoy being around. People want to spend time with those who make them feel good about themselves. Talk to them about their unique qualities and how you see those qualities contributing to their business. Be specific in your praise and begin painting the picture of their success for them.

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