Build Their Beliefs

Throughout the follow through process you want to build your prospect’s belief. “I think we’re going to make a lot of money together.” “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun building the business together.” Remember to talk in terms of what’s important to her. “I think…  I think… I think…”  While her belief is fragile, give her the reassurance she needs by affirming her decision and verbalizing your belief in her.”

Building belief doesn’t end with the initial follow through meeting. You don’t stop loving your spouse and courting him/her after the wedding unless you want a stale marriage. And you don’t stop encouraging people on your team unless you want a small business.  We all need to hear that we have what it takes and that it’s worth it – over and over again – because our belief is being tested over and over again.

A key to building strong belief within your team can be found in the joke, “How do you know when an entrepreneur is selling? His lips are moving!” Never stop selling, or what we call promoting and edifying, in every area of your business. Promote your support team, the audio you listened to or the book you read, the training events, the voicemail you heard, the products, the great experience you had dealing with customer service, the favorable economic trends, the success people are having, the improvements they’re making – promote everything; all of the time.

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