Prospecting for Keyword Riches

Keyword Research Notes

  • Create a free Adwords account to obtain more than 100 keywords
  • Use Advanced Options to include “All Countries” and set minimum number of search criteria
  • Use EXACT MATCH search results and counts

Start with Google External Keyword tool and simply “guess” what your target market might be searching for. Or break it down to the WIDEST search and scroll through the results for more target ideas. For example, if you want to target “stay at home moms” – start your search with “stay at home moms” without selecting “Show Only Ideas Closely Related” and scroll through the results to find more targeted keywords that make sense for your offer.

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Authority Site Notes

For purposes of this technique, an authority site is any web site that is ranking on the front page of google for a keyword we want to target that we can also submit free content to.

Our “method of operation” then consists of:

  • Obtaining target market keyword list
  • Find keywords ranking 1st page of Google from authority site
  • Create keyword-rich content and submit/publish to same authority site
  • Get more backlinks to your newly published content than the currently ranking content has

Original Content Notes

When we discover a target marketing keyword ranking front page of google from an authority site we can also submit free content to, the idea is we have now found a way to easily and quickly get our keyword-rich content to rank on the front page of google by simply submitting our content to the SAME AUTHORITY SITE and promoting this content in such a way as to get more backlinks than the content currently ranking. For most purposes, any content ranking with less than 100 backlinks and less than a PR score 3 is pretty easy to compete against.

We will call this new created content – “original content” and it should be published at least two times:

  • Publish to original content to authority site ranking for keyword
  • Publish a slightly written, semi-unique copy to your MLSP domain (article page) or per personal blog

Original content should to LINK TO your MLSP opt-in page, special report, or whatever offer you intend to promote.