Pre-Sell Review Copy

Web Page Content Notes:

Search engines will discount and even penalize DUPLICATE CONTENT.

Search engines consider all the copy (words) on a particular web page and is looking for at least 30% unique content from every other web page or blog post they have in their index. If you host duplicate content (content that is less than 30% unique) then you stand a very good chance of having wasted your time as the page may never rank well.

Search engines rank pages, not web sites. Each page, blog post or content should be “optimized” for both readers and search engines. This is commonly called “on page optimization”.

ALL content should be optimized to include:

  • A Title (add primary keyword to title)
  • A Meta-Tag Description (add primary keyword to description)
  • Meta-Tag Keyword or Tag list (don’t stuff unlike keywords. Use your main keyword phrase and derivative phrases)

Miscellaneous Notes:

When using manipulating TEXT FILES to copy/paste into a web site page or blog page… use a TEXT EDITOR like notepad (windows) or wordpad (windows) or textedit (mac).

DO NOT use wordpad or any non-text-only editor because these program add extra characters that will make “cleaning up” the copy challenging.

I use TextPad which you can download for free as it offers more functions.

Team Share Resources

The following 3 zip files contain 50 unique versions of pre-written reviews on MLSP for 3 sets of keywords “MLSP,” “My Lead System Pro” and “MyLeadSystemPro.”

Each text file is AT LEAST 30% unique from each other, meaning these files are probably good to go as is.

HOWEVER, we still HIGHLY encourage you to rewrite the content as much as you can to boost the uniqueness of your page copy.

“MLSP” Pre-Sell Testimonial Review Copy

“My Lead System Pro” Pre-Sell Testimonial Review Copy

“MyLeadSystemPRO” Pre-Sell Testimonial Review Copy

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