Personal Note From Jerry Chen

Hey! You’ve come this far… Congratulations! We’re at a critical juncture in our success blue print.
[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#FF0000″]What you’re going to discover in the next section is going to surprise… or even shock you at how much more of a dramatic result you can get…
[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”ff0000″]We’re talking about tripling or even quadrupling the results you’ll get spending the same amount of time.

You see, what I just shared with you in the red headline above is the art of presell.

We teased you into thinking “Oh my God, what’s coming up?”

The power of preselling is what we’re going to talk about next.

In the MLSP system my partner Rob and I have been able to generate 3 TIMES as many sales as the company average with the same number of leads… and in the next section we’ll show you a screenshot of how Rob was able to get 10 TIMES the average of sales in another affiliate program than the company average… and the reason for all that is we presell our list.

You know the saying

“you can lead a horse to water but youc ant make him drink?”

but the reality is if you give the horse some salt, you CAN make him thirsty and drink the water.

Preselling is sometimes called “salting” in marketing speak.

Before we get into the art of the presell, I want to take a quick minute here and get on the soap box for a sec.

If you are a leader and you’re taking action, go ahead and get busy in the next section.

What I want to do here is talk about the 5 commonalities of the all the top producers in MLSP, but it’s not just MLSP…

You can apply this to ANY program you’re promoting. We’re only using MLSP is illustrate the point and show you actual results with this strategy.


A top producer in MLSP bank around $50, $60 or $100k plus a year (in Empower Network, you bank that in ONE MONTH sometimes). That’s just from the income derived from these affiliate programs, and that’s not even considering the benefits you’ll enjoy by sponsoring qualified prospects into your primary MLM.

In fact, many top producers in MLSP and Empower Network are also top producers in their own primary MLMs after using MLSP!

Now, my partner Rob and I are slightly different since we’ve been a top earners in our opportunities (we’re in different MLMs) before MLSP, but it’s taking our businesses in a whole different direction.

That being shared, we will talk about the 5 commonalities of the top producers after we strip away potential hidden advantages they possess…

At this point, if you have not made the commitment to invest in your own business and you did not get your own auto-responder (Aweber)… and you did not sign up for MLSP… or Empower Network

I strongly encourage you to go do that, or go do something else to grow your business! 

Because from this point forward, you’ll waste your time.

You’ll have absolutely wasted your time.

I’ve seen too many people done that, and I don’t want that to happen to you.

You see, our #1 goal is to rank your content (an article, a blog post,etc.) in Google and other search engines for the “money” keywords that suck in leads and cash… and without your own Empower Network blogging system and affiliate account it will NOT happen.


We need to have our own autoresponders so we can offer presells, postsells and build relationships.

This business of network marketing is ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS… and yes even via the Internet!

Connecting with people we know… and connecting with people we don’t know…

Guiding them to a simple presentation and then following up to collect a simple decision.

When you presell using audio, video or written reviews, people have an opportunity to hear your voice, check out your face, get to know you, like you and trust you so that you’re actually building a bit of a trusty relationship right through their computer screens…

AND when you get on the phone with them live or meet belly-to-belly, the rapport is already built!

That’s the most magical feeling in the world.

So again, if you already made the commitment, congratulations, and I’m excited for you.

We’re going to get in, get busy and get it done.

If you haven’t done, do it… or seriously… go do something else.

What I’m offering you here is an opportunity to look behind our shoulders and see EXACTLY what we do to create income in our business primarily through the Internet.

It’s my goal to help you reach the top in Empower Network and your MLM.

That’s my personal commitment to you, and I just love hanging out with people who are winning and succeeding.

Now as a coach… an honest coach I need to tell you the truth.

If you can’t do the bare-bone basics, the rest will be a huge waste of your time.

You might as well go into 100% offline prospecting mode, go buy some leads and call them.

Put a magnetic sign on your car.

Do something.

Figure out a way to generate needs that’s not Internet based!

There’s nothing wrong with it.

The bottom line is if you’re not willing and able to do the these basics…

if you’re not able to roll up your sleeves, go in and go through those head-scratching “what the heck is going on” moments and figure it out… you’re going to waste your time.

My thought is if we’re going to spend hours away from the people we care about the most… our family and friends, to build our business, then be in PRODUCTION mode!

Get serious about your business and take action.

Literally, Go Big or Go Home! It makes no other sense.

The other day Rob was talking to a guy who told him how many products he’s bought over the years and didn’t take any action.

Total learning curve 4 years – and he’s never taken action.

Take the action, or go slower if you need to because you need to learn… and then take action.

You’re not competing against anyone.

I believe in you more than you know,

Jerry Chen

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3 Responses to Personal Note From Jerry Chen

  1. MikeWilson says:


    Thank you for your outstanding training resource you’ve laid out here. The SEO video was especially helpful for me.

    I appreciate your leadership and passion to help your team. I’m definitely proud to be a part of it and can’t wait to see how high we can go with Empower Network and any other venture we’re involved in.


  2. DaveKovach says:


    What happen to the training for EN and MLSP that was available earlier?


    • Jerry Chen says:

      You should be able to see them now. We changed access authority to different content slightly for team members of different programs. Thanks for pointing this out, Dave!

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