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The 5-Step Formula is really about creating content around the product/service/business opportunity that you’re promoting by catering to what your target audience is searching for on the Internet.

Step 1 – Pick A Product/Service/Business Opportunity

If you already have a product/service/business opportunity you’re promoting… Awesome!

Understand your product/service/business opportunity as thoroughly as you possibly can because this is going to affect how you conduct keyword research and, subsequently, get the RIGHT audience to find you.

Keep in mind that there are people in all different industries and niches that have come to us for help and guidance and we can’t possibly know and understand the details of everything everyone is promoting…

However, if you are searching for the product that is going to produce the highest return on your investment of time, energy, effort and money, AND you are interested in working with us personally, we suggest that you check out this video here.

It is an affiliate program that we have been focusing on for about a year, and it has already produced multiple six-figures in commissions for us as of November 14th, 2012.

Just thought we’d mention it. The decision is entirely up to you.

Video – The “Dragon Claw Formula” Revealed

Step 2 – Proper Keyword Research

Once you identified the product/service/business opportunity that you are going to be promoting, it is time to use a couple of research tools to help you really get DEEP into the search patterns of your target audience and then use the findings of your research to create content (Step 3).

Video – Keyword Research “Fantastic 4”

Click here to pick up Market Samurai – My personal secret weapon of choice when it comes to keyword reseach

Step 3 – Create Content For These Keywords

This is where you use the keywords you’ve selected in step 2 to create attractive content that, once your target audience finds it, sucks them in like honey to bees!

2 videos in this step to help you understand how to optimize your content.

Video – “Soovle” Your Way To Keyword Riches

Video – The 4 “Vital Signs” of On-page SEO

Step 4 – Publish Content And Create An Offer For List Building

There is where you direct your readers to take a step forward to either join your subscription list, buy something, or both. Basically, you need to have a “call-to-action” so that your content actually serves a purpose to increase your business either by having a new potential buyer added to your database or making commissions from the new buyer’s purchases.

Take a look at the screen shots below to sample different “offers” embedded within the content we’ve written –


And here a step-by-step training video on signing up and setting up an email autoresponder service called Aweber. You can sign up for a discounted Aweber account via this link.

Step 5 – Promote The Content

Lastly… what do we have to do to promote our content so that it’s “found” by our target audience in search engines?

This is a critical one.

Watch the video below to understand how “search engine ranking” works, and what “back links” are and how they will push your content to the front page of Google and *dominate* your competition.

Video – The “Campaign Trail Method” of Back Links

Video – (Social Media & Backlink Tool) Tribe Pro

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