Empower Network – Simple System Setup

WARNING! First of all, you NEED to sign up for Empower Network first before you can follow me along in this module on setting up the system and turn on the income streams.

If you are NOT already a member of Empower Network for whatever reason, CLICK HERE to get started for just $25 so that you can duplicate everything exactly as we’ve done here and create income like we’ve discussed so far.

Log in (your Empower Network ID is %%DAPCUSTOMFIELD_en_id%%) and spend some time just checking things out. The more you know about the Empower Network system the better your results will be.

Expect to invest a couple of hours watching and studying the 8 Core Commitments.

[features_box_yellow width=”40%” + border=”2px”]DO NOT skip the Fast Start training![/features_box_yellow]

It will give you a broad-brush overview of what we mean when we talk about combining the art and science of “internet marketing”, “attraction marketing”, “funded proposals”, and “network marketing”.

[headline_georgia_large_left color=”#000000″]STEP 1  (5 minutes)[/headline_georgia_large_left]

  1. Enter your login info and Click Login and Start Blogging
  2. Click MY TRAINING
  3. Click Fast Start
  4. Click Print off the core checklist
  5. Print out a physical copy of the checklist if possible

EN Startup step 1

[headline_georgia_large_left color=”#000000″]STEP 2  (5 minutes)[/headline_georgia_large_left]

Quick look over the 8 Core Commitments and understand that there are

FOUR activities that you should be committed to doing DAILY,

ONE activity that you are committed to doing WEEKLY and

ONE activity that you are committed to participating QUARTERLY (or every 4 months).

SO, develop the habit of DOING the activities every day, week and quarter. YOUR consistent productive actions will create incredible rewards for yourself and your business.

EN Startup step 2

[headline_georgia_large_left color=”#000000″]STEP 3  (10-30 minutes)[/headline_georgia_large_left]

Expect to spend anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes (it’s VERY simple) completing the basic blog customization. Follow the Core checklist PDF for instructions.

EN Startup step 3

Use proper punctuation, and take your time to tell a story about yourself within your “About Me” pages. First impressions are lasting impressions.

[headline_georgia_large_left color=”#000000″]STEP 4  (90-120 minutes)[/headline_georgia_large_left]

Watch all the videos and take the quizzes.

EN Startup step 4

As much as we may all want to build a huge business sitting behind our computers and staying comfortably “anonymous” – building a profitable business is ALL about building relationships and CONNECTING with people.

This is a million-dollar model that can set you free for life if you “get it” and if you “apply” it.

So be willing to learn, apply and eventually teach this entire model.

Make a commitment – right here, right now. To…

  • Be an Avid Student,
  • Active Participant, and
  • Master Teacher

The difference that makes the difference between struggling and making a quiet fortune is effective MARKETING and RECRUITING.

Let the games begin!


P.S. Here’s a “bootleg” video recorded in Singapore for Empower Network’s official launch in Asia. Watch as Curtis Broome, an industry veteran who is hired as the COO of Empower Network, introduces himself, the vision of Empower Network, and his thoughts about Dave & Dave.

P.P.S. I interviewed the genius moutain top marketer, David Wood, who is the co-founder of Empower Network. I flew to Singapore just to interview David and attend the live event. It was phenomenal and this company is the real deal.

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  1. FrancisCarter says:

    valuable intake from the information found in this video. Maybe on your next video interview could you focus on how to create and cultivate a relationship with someone

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