Empower Network – Quick Promotional Tips

Here are a few super quick promotional tips to get you going fast!

Log in and follow a few easy steps below –

[headline_georgia_large_left color=”#000000″]Skip the squeeze and sales video page and join directly[/headline_georgia_large_left]

The basic funnel process goes like this

Squeeze/Lead Capture Page (http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?id=YOUR-EN-ID)

> Sales video (https://www.empowernetwork.com/commissionloophole.php?id=YOUR-EN-ID)

> Viral blogging system signup (https://www.empowernetwork.com/join.php?id=YOUR-EN-ID)

Each of the 3 steps serves a purpose, and you CAN go directly to any of the 3 URLs by changing the text in red as shown above.

And of course you need to replace YOUR_EN_ID with your actual Empower Network user ID.

That’s it!

So if you have a prospect that has already seen the video and comes back to sign up at a later time, you can just send the signup link  to him/her directly without having to go through the squeeze page and the 30-minute sales video again.



[headline_georgia_large_left color=”#000000″]”Borrowing” content from the Empower Network company blog[/headline_georgia_large_left]

You can add/replace the affiliate ID at the end of ANY blog post on the Empower Network company blog so that you can refer the content to your prospects and still get your affiliate ID in there… although you didn’t create the content yourself!

Keep in mind this strategy ONLY works on the company blog.

There is it! These tips might look simple, but when you are working in the field and someone just doesn’t want to wait for the 30-minute video… you’ll look like a total hero if you just change the URL to the signup page direct 😉


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  1. Jerry Chen says:

    Pay special attention to this section. These simple tips will have a significant impact on your bottom line results.

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