Empower Network – Critical System Setup

Now that you have your blog up and running, let’s make a few critical tweaks to your blog as they will dramatically increase YOUR BRAND.

Log in and follow a few easy steps below –

[headline_georgia_large_left color=”#000000″]Change the blog header photo  (5 minutes)[/headline_georgia_large_left]

  1. Log in to Empower Network
  2. Click Login & Start Blogging
  3. Click Appearance > Home Photo (look on the left sidebar in the blog admin window)
  4. Choose a photo you’d like to use from your computer
  5. Click upload
EN Startup step 5

[headline_georgia_large_left color=”#000000″]Update your author photo and bio (10 minutes)[/headline_georgia_large_left]

There are a couple of steps involved.

First write your author bio,

Second go to GRAVATAR.COM and assign a photo to the e-mail address you’re using for Empower Network.

EN Startup step 6

EN Startup step 7

That’s it!

NOW, you’re branded, ready for some search engine love… ROCK ON!


4 Responses to Empower Network – Critical System Setup

  1. FrancisCarter says:

    Thanks for the information for loading author photo-been hurting my head trying to figure this one out I didn’t see it anywhere and I would have never figure it out by myself . Thanks so much

  2. DaveKovach says:

    Hi Jerry,
    The privacy option isn’t available on my EN Blog. I am using WP version 3.5. What version did you use when you posted these photos?


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