October 2nd Update – Make money, WUKAR Rotator and HOLT Traffic Co-op!

1) How To Make Money Fast (0:00 – 11:00)

2) WUKAR Rotator (11:00 – 14:35)

3) HOLT Traffic Co-op (14:35 – 28:14)

4) Start Now (28:14 – 32:30)

*** Additional Instructions ***

1) How To Make Money Fast

Please please PLEASE do this step first and do so ASAP. This generates COMMISSIONS for you INSTANTLY.

You should sell or give away (free and clear, or in a contest) the VIP vouchers which you purchased when you first joined Dubli as soon as possible. These vouchers will generate commissions for your business as soon as they are redeemed.

Also, these vouchers will expire 365 days from the DATE OF PURCHASE so you should put them into use right away.

THREE different types of people that are great for these vouchers –

I. Purchasing decision makers (buyers, purchase department managers, WOMEN in general)
II. Insurance Agents
III. Real estate brokers and Realtors

Watch the video below which shows you, step by step, how to user these VIP vouchers.

2) WUKAR Rotator (11:00 – 14:35)

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