Our Mission & Business Model

Let’s be crystal-clear right from the get-go…

It is our team culture to put character and integrity before profits.


There’s no discussion about it.  

If you have a problem with it, you don’t belong here.

Get High On Life - Winning attitude

Trust and relationships are what will make or break your business.

Our character and integrity are the foundations on which trust is built.

Once trust is breached, it’s like a cracked mirror.

You can try to patch it up, but the cracks will remain.

Don’t sacrifice credibility and trust for short-term gain… it will eventually come back and bite you in the butt.


Whew… now that we got the tough leadership talk out of the way… who’s behind High On Life Team, and what’s this all about?

My name is Jerry Chen and I’m the founder of High On Life Team.

I’d like to welcome you to High On Life Team.

It is our (myself, my partners and mentors) goal to show you how to leverage the tools and services we’ve personally used to achieve success in business so that you, too, can create true time and financial freedom on the fast track.

Oh, and I will introduce to other leaders who are experts at what they do in case what I teach is not your cup of tea…  😉

As Rob Fore, one of my friends and colleagues in the home business arena, said

” We’re going to focus on building a business, not just a downline. “

More specifically, you are going to learn the ins and outs of building a real business right from your own home including

– The real secrets to you finally earning 6-figure income or more a year while having a time freedom

– How you can realistically generate 100+ leads per day on autopilot

– Who the best prospects are for you to go after for your MLM program

– What income streams you can (and should) add to your business immediately besides your MLM program

– How to capture profits from 100% of your prospects even if they don’t join your MLM team

With that said… Who the heck is Jerry Chen? And why should you listen to him?

Jerry Chen and friends

Chances are you’ve seen me around the Interwebs (uh… Internet) somewhere or have likely met me in person and know at least little bit about what I do for a living.  If not, I invite you to invest a few minutes to learn about me and more importantly, how we can work together to bring more profits to your business and help you accomplish your goals regardless what MLM program you’re with.

I am not an overnight success like some people claim they are, nor am I, by any stretch of imagination, a know-it-all guru that has the answer to every question you have under the sun… FAR from it!

That being said, I’d like to share some of my business results so that you know you’ve come to the right place for information that can potentially help you take a few steps forward in business 😉

  • Since 2006, I’ve made full-time income from my business on a part-time basis.
  • Since 2008, the majority of that income has been generated from my own home (or the nearest Starbucks I could find), through the Internet, on an automated fashion.
  • I’ve also been nominated, appointed and voted as an official instructor and featured trainer at authoritative industry training communities, publications and events such as Better Networker, Renegade Professional, What’s Working Now and No Excuses Summit (requirement to be nominated is to earn $200,000+/year…).

On the cover of What's Working Now  

Better Networker instructors No Excuses Summit 3 nomination

  • I’ve also generated over 20,000 leads and 2,184 paying customers to my primary network marketing company (to the point that the company called me just to make sure I wasn’t a spammer!).  Better yet, those 2,184+ customers actually PAID me additional upfront money before placing orders through my network marketing company, thanks to Internet marketing.

2,184 customers on autopilot

Automatic enrollments into my team

  • Industry leaders also call and consult with me on how to improve their results in their businesses and pay me as much as $800/hour for my advice.

I don’t have to go on and on about what I’ve been able to accomplish with a servant heart, many useful advice from great mentors that have come in to my life, my determination to take action on everything I learn… and certainly my willingness to continue to be a student of marketing, business, and life.

What I hope to convey to you is that I’ll show you how I got to where I am today so you can shortcut your path to success and achieve the same or great results than mine.

Nothing excites me and moves me to tears more in business than seeing those that find my story and information valuable, and use it to become successful on their own!

Way back in September of 2003 on a sunny southern California afternoon, I began my journey in the home business industry

when a complete stranger approached me at a local Toyota dealership to strike up a conversation.  He eventually handed me a cassette tape (yes, a “tape”) by Robert Kiyosaki and invited me to the home of his business associate to see their “business plan” days later.

Of course, it was a network marketing / MLM business briefing.

By the end of that meeting, I was excited and skeptical all at the same time.

After I got home, I immediately started conducting extensive research on that specific network marketing the network marketing industry as a whole.

And by “extensive” I meant it quite literally… 3-4 hours of researching and digesting materials every day for the next 21 days! That included the distributor contract, page by page, word by word, anything and everything that seemed legitimate about the company and the industry… I even called the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) twice to make sure I was getting into a legitimate business that also met my moral and ethical standards.

By the end of the 3rd week, I attended a major team event with the gentleman who eventually became my first sponsor in the industry.

And the rest… and they say… is history.

Of course as life would have it, things were smooth-sailing from day one in my business…


In the first year, I “showed the plan” to over 130 people, including my mother, my sister, my girlfriend, some of my best friends and coworkers… and sponsored a whopping ZERO distributors.

Needless to say I was a little disappointed, but I was never discouraged.

I kept my head up, counselled with my mentors, tweaked my techniques and began seeing some success in my business, making a few hundred bucks per month in my business regularly.

By the 3rd year, I reached the top of the bonus chart in the compensation plan and was invited to an all-expense-paid trip to the headquarters of this $10-billion a year company for 3 days. (Oh, and my mom, my sister, my girlfriend and some of my best friends had all joined my team at this point :p)

While I was showered with praises from my colleagues, teammates and friends plus a bigger bank account to boot, I realized that I needed to leverage tools and technologies such as the Internet to become more efficient in my business.

I found a $37 book called Magnetic Sponsoring by a man named Mike Dillard with whom I later became good friends.

Having a Margarita with Mike Dillard in Austin, TX

In the process of learning to use Internet marketing for the network marketing industry, I also discovered how to get others to find you instead you chasing them, how to open up multiple income streams, how crucial it is to have a true business, not just a downline and last but not certainly not least, how dangerous it is to put all your eggs in one basket (i.e. your MLM income being your only stream of income in business).

Today I have more passive income coming in than most people earn in their full-time jobs,

I live anywhere in the world that I choose to (in Taipei, Taiwan at the moment of writing), YET I still chose to actively share my strategies, tools and secrets to help more people every day…


Because I’ve chosen to convey a message to the industry and the world at large…

This often misunderstood industry called network marketing is the opportunity for anyone to engage in a life-long pursue of excellence, more love, better health, more time and financial freedom.

DON’T go prospect… prospect as you go.

DON’T go share products with others… share products with others as you go.

DON’T go generate leads… generate leads as you go.

DON’T sell the business… bless others with the opportunity and let them choose when the timing is right for them.

Hopefully you see where I’m going with this.

Make your business a part of your life… make your business a part of you.

Enjoy what you do and it’ll reward you greatly and bless others with the same opportunity someone once passed on to you.

It’s my sincere hope that we can provide some valuable information here on High On Life Team and make a difference in your life.

Let’s get high on LIFE,

Jerry Chen

P.S. If you see places in our training that reference a specific affiliate or network marketing program and you are NOT a member of that program or don’t know what it is… simply replace it whenever we mention it with whatever program you’re promoting. The principles are the same.


7 Responses to Our Mission & Business Model

  1. Dave Kovach says:

    Just as you are giving each one of us, who
    is on your team, this incredible opportunity
    to learn an succeed with you, I too will give
    you and everyone on our team this written

    “I am here to fulfill and conquer my dreams!”

    This includes having the time freedom to share
    more meaningful time with my family and friends.

    When you live in the “9 to 5 work” zone, day
    after day, it’s extremely difficult, and at times
    impossible, to get in the proper relaxed mode,
    where you can appreciate and enjoy the little
    time you have with your family and friends.

    Everything just seems to be a race with time.

    The only way I will be able to make this happen
    is to create a source of income where I am not
    caught up in the rat race of making a living.

    I don’t just want to “make a living.” I want to
    live making each and everyday more significant
    than the day before. Touch peoples lives and
    witness their true happiness. You see, what
    makes me feel fulfilled is seeing the joy in other
    peoples eyes.

    Is having financial success the answer for me?

    The fact is: Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world
    that is 100% “help thy neighbor.” It would be
    incredible and a perfect world if we did! Imagine,
    if there was no struggles or misfortunes, where
    everyone just chipped in to help one another, and
    we didn’t need any source of income…Everybody
    was on an even keel. There’s only one place this
    will happen, and that is in Heaven with our Lord Jesus:)

    Absolutely, having financial success that would support
    my family where we would never again, need to, engage in the
    “9 to 5 work zone,” and have the best quality time together, is
    exactly what I want to accomplish in this next phase of life.

    I am here, on your team, for the long haul because I believe
    in you Jerry. It’s a known fact with everything you have done
    so far, for all of us, you are here for each one of us
    to provide your true friendship and all of the necessary
    tools and resources to make our dreams come true.

    Thank you for believing in me and this opportunity.



    • Jerry Chen says:

      Dave – Proud of your commitment to excel and succeed to reach your goal, and I certainly value your trust greatly. I know a lot of people are yearning for their first taste of success, yet many are not willing to pay the price for it… just too many of them. This site is here for those that are willing to pay the price. We’re not holding anything back. You will succeed, Dave. In fact, you already are.

  2. Tim says:

    Great stuff Jerry!
    Looking forward to building our TEAM.

  3. MichaelSingleton says:

    Hi Jerry – Thanks for being accessable and so patient with me! I am very excited and thankful to be on your team!

  4. Tony Sama says:

    Very well said Jerry…

    I’m really looking forward to building the team with Andy and yourself.

    -Tony Sama

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