Attraction Marketing Master Class

Who Else Wants to Add 100 Reps To Their Team Within 72 Hours?

[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#cc0000″]”Discover, Step-By-Step, How ‘The Little Housewife That Could’ From Connecticut Effortlessly Sponsored 100+ Reps In Under 72 Hours“[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

From the desk of: Jerry “The Magnetic Networker” Chen

The truth is… if you don’t get learn everything you can from this class and TAKE ACTION to produce some results… You DON’T LOVE YOUR FAMILY!

A little rough, eh?

Some people will take offense of this, curse me out, and quit.

Some people will look within themselves, reach deep down inside and decide to take massive action.

You see… I don’t know which one you are, but I promise you this:

The ONE AND ONLY mission of this master class is to show you how to…

Generate endless leads and sponsor unlimited reps effortlessly without ever having to chase a single person ever again… EVER

Imagine the ability to write your own paycheck promoting whatever program you choose to promote.

Now I don’t know how your are doing in your business…

Maybe you are making $10 a month.

Maybe you are making $1,000’s a month.

Maybe you are one paycheck away from being broke.

Maybe you are at the lowest point of your life…

What I want you to know is that if you are not where you want to be yet… then really, you’re at a place that the only direction you can go is up. But you’ve gotta reach deep down inside yourself for resolve that probably you didn’t know you have to stretch to break free from your current circumstances.

Diane has been in this industry since 1999, and quite possibly just like you she struggled immensely in the beginning. She was broke, burnt-out, and tired after 2 years of begging friends and family to join her business.

Diane Hochman is up to something

But then in 2001 EVERYTHING changed for her because she was introduced to the term “Attraction Marketing,” and it changed her entire world (and it’s about to change yours).

Since 2001 and because of what she now know about “Attraction Marketing,”

She has been able to sign up over 100 people in less than 3 days into 2 separate programs

She been able to write letters and e-mails that have pulled in over $10,000 in less than 24 hours

She has placed (and will continue to place) in the Top 10 of every single affiliate contest she has ever promoted.

The bottom line is that you will learn how a chick who can barely run her computer dominate the industry?

Diane Hochman and Jerry Chen

Diane and I have been friends since 2009, and we’ve discovered that we both make money using attraction marketing with a slight difference.

I am a total geek while she’s been known as a dingbat when it comes to computers and technology!

And that… is the reason I decided to have Diane teach on this subject because duplication is the key to massive success in this industry, and with Diane’s help we can cover the entire spectrum of techies and non-techies out there!!!

You probably already know that there is no shortage of people who don’t know what they’re talking about trying to teach “Attraction Marketing,” not to mention the fact that they’ve never made a dime online before.

We are absolutely tired of seeing people falling into the wrong hands and struggle with this simple yet powerful idea that we decided to do something about it.

Starting July 24th, 2013, you’ll be enrolled into 3 LIVE interactive, intensive classes under the hand-held guidance from the ORIGINAL Attraction Marketer, Diane Hochman, and having her show you the ins and outs of every facet to become a lead magnet and top recruiter without ever having to chase a single person again… EVER!

[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#cc0000″]Give us 3 weeks and we promise we’ll give you your life back.[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

Here’s the curriculum that we are going to go through TOGETHER with spontaneous LIVE Q&A sessions to make sure you stay on track. I will hold you accountable because play time is over… enough is enough… it’s time you GET THE RESULTS YOU DESERVE!

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Class 1: What Is Attraction Marketing And The Magic Funded Proposal? ($497 Value)

  • We’ll show you that you ALREADY have what it takes within you to attract people to join you in your business.
  • We’ll give you real-life examples of how attraction marketing works in business.
  • We’ll illustrate how “Funded Proposal” allows you to earn money even if the prospect decides not to joins your team.


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Class 2: Crafting Your Story To Attract Those Who Are ALREADY Looking For You ($497 Value)

  • Learn how to craft an effective and emotionally moving story just like the top earners do even if you are not making any money yet
  • Learn how to maximize your results by using your story in ALL of your marketing efforts.[/features_box_yellow]

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Class 3: Writing Red Hot Copy for your Attraction Marketing Campaigns To Make Money On Demand ($497 Value)

  • Learn the power of copywriting by understanding how to influence people with words and language patterns
  • Learn to present yourself, your brand and frame your authentic self and connect to your target audience in such a way that they cannot resist but identify you as the only logical choice to buy products from and join in business with.
  • Warning: Use the training here carefully as it is going to build a rabid fan base that will love and follow you forever.[/features_box_yellow]

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Total value: $1491

Your tutition: $1491 $150 (Elite 15 special discount)

After taking it all in, we suggest you take immediate and massive action on all you have learned, and just let it rip!

Use blogs, videos and social media and watch your lead flow, sign-ups and income explode.

Listen, we’re not saying that you will become absolutely filthy rich after taking this class. However, many past students who LISTENED to and APPLIED what you are about to learn are now earning 6-figures online.

I don’t know about you, but I’m personally ready to learn from Diane and turn my 6-figure annual income into 6-figure monthly income.

Click the Buy Now button below to enroll in the class. You will also get access to the recording of each class afterwards.

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